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Compiling QuickVina-W

  1. Please make sure you have BOOST 1.60 at least installed

  2. Using git, clone the code:

       git clone https://github.com/QVina/qvina.git
  3. Checkout the qvina-w branch:

       cd qvina
       git checkout qvina-w
  4. If you installed boost in your home directory then edit the first two lines of Makefile:

       BASE = /Your/boost/location
       BOOST_VERSION=1_60 #or your installed version
  5. If you are using MacOS, edit the 4th line of the Makefile:

       C_PLATFORM=-static -pthread

    to be

       C_PLATFORM= -pthread
  6. Build the application:


You will find an executable file called qvina-w in the current folder.